Custom designed, printed and installed 


Custom designed, printed and installed 

With our high quality large format printer we can print your image to just about any size so you can apply custom printed wallpaper to your bedroom wall, office wall, child’s playroom, nursery wall, school wall, gym or any where you want some digital art. We offer digital art on various different types of printable materials, including specialist rough wall and high or low tack smooth wall vinyls.

Printed wallpaper

We have various different finishes in our printable wallpaper range to give the effect you require. They come with a self adhesive backing so there is no need for wallpaper paste. These will stick to most painted surfaces. We also offer a reusable wallpaper which allows you to peel off and stick to another surface up to about 30 times.

Low tack vinyl

Low tack vinyl is great for temporary graphics at shows or business promotions. The vinyl can be printed in full colour and with our digital plotter we can cut the vinyl to just about any shape.

Printed and cast vinyl

Depending on the wall/surface we can use our regular printable vinyl or cast vinyl.  This vinyl is more suited to finer graphics with various shapes or large text. This can either be finished in matt or gloss. There is still a minimum thickness applicable to the material, this depends on the surface and style of the graphic used.

Rough Wall vinyl

We are also able to supply specialist rough wall vinyl which conforms and sticks to just about any surface, including raw concrete blocks.

We can supply both normal and self-adhesive wallpaper through our online shop. To find out more information on the other products on this page, please contact us.