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Partial, full, solid colour and printed wraps 


Partial, full, solid colour and printed wraps 

A vehicle wrap or vinyl wrap is the name given to a process of applying a pvc-based self-adhesive material over the bodywork of a vehicle.  There are various reasons to use a wrap, including changing the colour of the vehicle to suit the owner's taste or for creating eye-catching advertising .

The wrap flows in and out of the recesses of the vehicles bodywork, stressing the materials used considerably compared to a flat panel graphic.  This means that the quality of material being applied needs to be significantly higher to take the extra demands.

At Signlink we have several ranges of materials that we’ve tried and tested over many years that guarantee your vehicle a long-lasting finish. All of our fitters have been trained by the leading vinyl manufacturers, ensuring the fit and finish is to the highest standard on your vehicle.

Every step of a wrap can be taken care of in-house, from the ideas stage, through to producing a visual on a scale template, to printing the graphics and finally applying to the vehicle.

Vehicle wraps can get your message in front of thousands of people everyday and last for many years.  We understand that your vehicle is important to your business and we make sure that the vehicle is booked in on a specific day to suit you. We are always realistic about the time it will take to complete and will update you throughout the job.

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When you want to stand out from the crowd a vehicle wrap can set you apart from your competition, if you’re struggling for inspiration then let our designers take care of it.


A full wrap is typically completed in 3 - 5 days.  Meaning you can have a dramatic look on your vehicle in next to no time.


A wrap is a very good way of protecting the paintwork from scratches, vandalism and UV light, whilst advertising your business - perfect for leased vehicles which are handed back at the end of the contract period. Using good quality wrap material also significantly reduces the time it takes to remove.


Before we wrap a vehicle it is thoroughly cleaned with an environmentally-friendly citrus cleaner and then cleaned with an alcohol-based cleaner to remove any impurities from the surface of the paintwork.  This ensures a good, long-lasting finish. When the wrap is removed it is as clean underneath as the day it was wrapped.