Pavement Signs or A-Boards

Pavement signs,  A-boards or sandwich boards are a great way to boost clients for your business. We have a huge range of these types of sign available to us from a host of manufacturers, although our experience in sign making over the years has led us to a selected, smaller range of the most popular signs and A-boards. These are the products our customers have found to be the most effective and long lasting.

Pavement signs come with either a pre-weighted or water/sand filled base to keep them vertical and in place. Some have an aluminium panel, allowing us to add graphics on both sides, whilst others have poster cases on either side. They are all manufactured from quality aluminium, steel and recycled PVC in a variety of sizes.

What is recommended?

The EcoFlex2 signs are the most popular design we sell – they are tough, very weather resistant and have a large aluminium panel for advertising.


A-boards are double-sided, made of steel, joined at the top with the feet of the sign spread out to give it structural rigidity. Our popular A-boards can come with poster cases allowing you to quickly interchange your advertising material, or have graphics directly applied to the sign faces.

Are they weatherproof?

Some A-boards are more wind resistant than others and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements. We can print the posters in A-Boards on to water-resistant material and any cut or printed vinyl will be fine for years of outside use.

Sign Design

Our team of professional graphic designers can create your sign design from scratch, giving you a fantastic final product for your company.

Directional Signs

A-Boards are often used as directional signage for events or for business, where their portable size and cost-effectiveness come to the fore.

Local Sign Makers

We aim to have your pavement signs completed within 3-5 days after artwork is approved and we try to keep the most popular versions in stock.

What size are they?

We have a few different sizes to choose from, but the advertising A-boards tend to have A2 or A1 poster holders. The popular EcoFlex 2 signs have a 460x818mm display area.

Magnetic Graphics

We can supply magnetic graphics to suit the steel framed sandwich boards. These are full colour printed and laminated.

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