Health and Safety Signs

To help keep your place of work a safe environment.

What is a safety sign?

Health and safety signs are the main ways to communicate relevant information to everyone in your workplace. We can supply the traditional health and safety signage such as prohibition, warning, mandatory and emergency signs. It is critical all Health and Safety signage is clear and understandable.

The Health and Safety Regulations 1996 require employers to provide specific safety signs whenever there is a risk that can not be avoided or controlled by other means. We can supply suitable signs to fit the requirements you need to comply with the regulations.

All of Health and safety signs are digitally printed and can be made to any size to suit your requirements. They can be supplied on various boards like Foamex, Dibond, Correx or we can just supply them as self adhesive vinyl for you to apply on a smooth surface. The signs can also be made using reflective vinyl if necessary.

We can also supply construction signs to inform employees of safety requirements for the site they are working on. As with all of our health and safety signs, these can be designed to suit your requirements.

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no mobile phone signs

Prohibition Sign

A sign prohibiting behaviour likely to increase or cause danger (eg ‘no use of mobile phones’)

warning signs to show danger

Mandatory Sign

A sign prescribing specific behaviour (eg ‘eye protection must be worn’)

harness safety signage

Warning Sign

A sign giving warning of a hazard or danger (eg ‘danger: electricity’)

Fire assembly point sign

Emergency or First-Aid

A sign giving information on emergency exits, first aid, or rescue facilities (eg ‘emergency exit/escape route’)

Health and safety sign examples

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