Vehicle Magnetics

Flexible vehicle signage

Temporary Vehicle Signage

Vehicle magnetic panels are perfect for short term advertising on your vehicles.  Taxi drivers and couriers generally use the vehicle magnetics the most as they change vehicles so regularly.

Vehicle magnetics are great for this and also come in handy if you need to use a rental vehicle while your work van or car is being repaired, meaning you can keep advertising no matter what vehicle you have.

Vehicle magnetics can be mounted to any painted steel body panel.  All our vehicle magnetics are printed in full colour with a laminate applied. We can cut the magnetics to just about any size you require. All our printed vehicle magnetics are weather resistant and UV resistant to avoid fading.

If you would like to find out more about vehicle magnetics or if you need a quote then call Signlink on 01684 276808 or contact us through our website today.

vw vehicle magnetic

Vehicle magnetic examples

For more information or a quote contact Signlink today about your vehicle magnetics

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